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Crazy Jenna is a novelette about hearing God’s voice and embracing the unexpected.

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Who I Am

Hi! I'm Joanna Alonzo.

Welcome to my little nook on the worldwide web. I’m a writer and an ambitious dreamer, who believes that God can make even the craziest dreams come true. I like to say that I’m a walking paradox and a voyaging homebody. I am a contradiction in so many ways, and I believe a lot of people are. I believe that every individual has a story to tell, and that each of these stories deserves a chance to be heard. If I ever meet you in person, I’d love to have a coffee and listen to your story. If we don’t have a chance to do that though, I hope you reach out anyway. I’d love to get to know you. 

I Write...


novels and allegorical devotional fiction


short stories & sims stories & random vignettes


poems on longing and love and serving a wonderful God


my paradox posts - best way to stay updated!