one freaking million

    That’s the number of words I wrote in the past three years. That doesn’t include the word count of posts on this blog and on my Sims 3 legacy story, The Chronicles of Clarke. That doesn’t include Facebook notes or any sort of social media update. That doesn’t include journal entries or character profiles, story outlines and detailed world-building documents.

    That number is composed of several of my ongoing novel manuscripts, completed ghostwritten novels and novellas, fanfic pieces and even a giant website specification document.

    1,074,445. That’s the number of words I slaved over ever since I became a freelance writer.

    This coming 2015, I want to turn that number to north of 2,000,000. That would mean I’d have to write about 3000 words a day. (No. I didn’t do the math, but I’m pretty sure I’ll reach north of 2 million if I write 3000 words a day for an entire year.)

    you are a boat

    Is that even doable?

    Well, this post was partly inspired by Jeff Goins’ recent podcast featuring Michael Hyatt. It was about setting goals and how just writing it down can increase the likelihood of me accomplishing them. So here I am. Writing it down and letting y’all know. I plan to write 3000 words a day every day this coming 2015. (I’m hearing all sorts of echoes. Most of them sounds like laughter. Or maybe that’s just the two ladies chatting their heads off here at the Bangkok airport.)

    What makes me think I can do this?

    Honestly? I’m terrified of not being able to do this, but I figured it’s worth risking failure if only to attempt to instill some discipline into my chosen craft. I may have to “write for my slush pile” like tylowery, some random writer I found on Reddit, suggested here.

    (For some reason, I keep thinking of anonymous writers on the internet as women. It surprises me whenever I find out they’re male. And it seems most are in the writersphere of Reddit. Anyway…)

    I can do this.

    Right? Right?! Right.

    Pfft. Truth be told, this is more like a braggy-braggy post, because I was really just bored when I decided to figure out how many words I’ve written so far – mostly accounting professional work I’ve done. I was expecting it to hit about 500,000. Not one freaking million.

    I know, I know… It ain’t a big deal considering the grand scheme of things. But this is my blog and it means a lot to me, because I’ve been having writer’s blues lately. So there.

    You’re still reading?! Wow. You amaze me. *sticks amazing blue ribbon over your chest*

    Since you’re still here, you might as well tell me if you have any goals for 2015. Let’s not call it New Year’s resolutions, because let’s face it. Calling it that almost makes failure a certainty.

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    This post is brought to you in part by my utter boredom here at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand during a thirteen-hour lay over. I’ve been here since 11:00AM. It’s 4:30PM here. My flight to the Philippines isn’t until 12:35AM. Am I excited to go home? Hmm… I’m not sure. I thought I was, but I was bawling my eyes out last night, because Chiang Mai is my oasis! Going back to the Philippines feels like going back to the wilderness. Ah well… 554 words down, 2,446 words to go.

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I think its doable! I also think you might have days where you write nothing, and/or you might have days where you hit 10K! I have faith in you, my wonderful friend! And if you keep writing it, I’ll keep reading it! You inspire me to not set aside my own novel attempt, I can’t say I’ll set a goal to that effect, but when the urge moves me I’ll definitely continue to write it!

My goal for 2015 is to be less anti-social! Online I’m the friendliest of friendlies, but in RL I tend to stick to myself, my family and my BFF! How I’m going to achieve this, I have no idea, but I reckon my job will help in that regard!


*tacklepounce* You can totally do it! I have utter faith in you! As far as goals go… I’d like to try to keep the blogs I have going to at least a post a week for each as times allows, to finish the novel I started for Nano this year and to edit/rewrite the one I did last year.


jazduit 🙂 me, launch zi magazine company. we must be dreaming! 🙂

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