One question, asked and answered by 20 people.

    I asked 20 single ladies, “Answer with the first thing that comes to your mind: What’s the hardest part about waiting?” Their answers are very similar and note that out of all of them that I asked, only 1 person asked “waiting for what?”

    Without further ado, here are their answers:


    “Impatience.” Jezreel
    “Waiting.” – Jovi
    “Impatience and uncertainties.” – Vanni
    “The word ‘waiting’.” – Maribel
    “Yung idea na hindi mo alam kung kailan darating yung hinihintay mo. (The idea that you don’t know when what you’re waiting for will arrive.)”Hannah
    “Malaking pasensya. (A lot of patience.) That’s my dilemma, Ate Joanna. It’s really hard for me to wait.” Apple
    “Honestly, it’s the length of time. The longer, the harder.”Georgette
    “The hardest part about waiting is realizing that you’re impatient after all. You always thought that you’re patient, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets.” – Aileen

    “Impatience, wanting things to happen now instead of “in God’s time”. 🙂 – Riza
    “Waiting is me being impatient.” – Tina
    “Well, I’m usually very patient, so I personally don’t know hehe… but reality wise, trying to be patient is the hardest part for some people.”Sarah


    “Uncertainties.” Eda
    “Impatience and uncertainties.” – Vanni (multiple categories!)
    “You don’t know what’s gonna happen, but you have no choice but to wait until you see what God is doing.” – Ivee
    “It’s that uncertainty whether the one you’re waiting for will actually come or not.” Darlene

    I might not like what I’m waiting for.

    “Waiting, for me, is difficult, because I don’t know if at the end, I will like the answer.” – Rosalyn
    “An unexpected answer. Ang hirap mag-wait kasi hindi mo alam kung “yes or no” ang sagot. (It’s hard to wait because you don’t know if the answer is “yes” or “no”.)”Aires
    “Assuming the outcome/answer/etc. It’s devastating if it’s not the way you wanted it to be.” Coureen


    “The hardest part is when you come to a point that you are doubting if it’s worth the wait.” – Sheryl


    “Wondering if he is waiting/being faithful. Wondering when or how long I’ll have to wait, making God first… or being satisfied in waiting. Wondering if I have to compromise. And wondering if it’s even worth it trying to take matters into my own hands…” – Trisha

    AND THE WINNER IS… (mostly because it was totally spot on in terms of me being able to relate to it)

    “Well, here goes: for me the hardest thing about waiting is when you know you have been called to something specific and the desires of your heart is for that, waiting for that to be carried out can be very very frustrating! I have so much on my heart that sometimes I forget that I am here in this place now for a reason and that I’m not just wasting time. I forget to remember that God has it all worked out, that His words never return to Him void and that I have a relationship to pursue with Him at this time and things now to do and that that is perfect for this time and not to try to make things happen in my own strength or doing…”Beck 


    It’s hard to wait. Especially if you have no idea what you’re waiting for.

    No point to this post really. Just wanted to pick your minds. 🙂 Thanks for answering!

    ~ SDG
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