One question, asked and answered twenty times.

    Now it’s the guys that I began to bug by asking them this question: What’s the one thing about women that you find hard to understand?

    I really wasn’t expecting the answers that I got, but enough about me… Here are their answers…

    Those That Reminded Me of Relient K’s song “Mood Rings”

    Joseph: Mood swings…

    Raymond: Mood swings…

    Dany: Trying to understand/tell if the way they react is because they are moody or not. I know why they can be moody, it’s telling when they are moody that’s the challenge.

    Kheenan: Mood swings… Pabago-bago ng decision (Keeps on changing decisions.)

    Doulo: It’s those times when they have their period or they’re PMSing.

    Jonard: Everything? (I asked him if this was seriously his answer, and he replied…) Mood swings. Kakaiba kasi eh. Parang hindi mo alam kung saan talaga nanggagaling. (It’s different. It’s like you don’t know where they’re really coming from.)

    Ian: Well, their decision-making. Why does it have to change from point A to point B as their emotions lead them to?

    Those That Made Me LOL

    Nathan: That’s easy. Their misunderstandings of men. Biased ba? (Is it biased?) But it’s kinda true. Haha…

    Saj: The thing I face trouble with when it comes to girls is their “mystery” personality. They tell you something opposed to what they actually have in mind and expect us to figure it out. That doesn’t work that way!

    Sonny: Maarte.(I’d translate that into English, but I really have no idea how to… Help me out? What’s English for “maarte”? Edit: Apparently, it’s “meticulous,” according to Kuya Nathan. Thanks!)

    Wendell: Sudden change of emotion, dramatics, cheesiness, and the fondness with bags.

    Jihan: one? One? ONE?! o_O I can’t pinpoint on one… It’d probably be either the times when girls think men are mind-readers or the times when they don’t give simple straight answers to men’s questions… Or when they say they’re fat when they’re not… Or when they say 5 minutes, it takes waaaaay more than that… *Note: At this point, I brought up that he already gave four things and suggested that he could write a book on this topic.

    Jerico: N/A. I just don’t have a problem with understanding women, because I simply accept things as how they are. In summary, I’m not the right person for this kind of question.

    Lennon: I don’t know. I don’t think I am trying to understand them for me to know what I don’t understand.

    Vence: Women! Bah humbug! I try to remain sane by trying not to understand women. I convince myself that there is nothing to understand. There is no rational explanation when women are involved. I won’t even try to rationalize why you are asking that question.

    Those That Made Me Go, “Awww…”

    Jeremy: I think I find it hard to know if they like me or not, if they would talk to me if I approach them.

    Jepus: Mas nakikita nila kung gaano ka kaimportante pag wala ka na or ayaw mo na. (They see your importance more once you’re gone or aren’t interested anymore.) *Note: He notes that this is true for both men and women.

    Those That Made Me Go, “Haha…” and then “Ouch.”

    David: That’s a hard one. Lol the only thing I can think about is this: How can they talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk? Haha only women can do that! I mean they can share whatever they want to without thinking twice. They can talk with each other for hours in the telephone. They are so frank. They are so talkative and open. Of course there are exceptions but thats my general observation. I mean, it can be a positive or negative trait, but that’s just so cool and weird… I dont know of any one man that does that… We always tend to think twice before sharing things.

    Glenn: Just one? LOL. I don’t understand where they get their strength to shop for hours. I don’t understand why it takes them such a long time to get dressed. I don’t understand how they seem to be cruel to other women – here in the office, girls hate other girls – especially the good-looking ones.

    Jim: The hardest thing to understand about women…

    Their high expectations. Women seem to expect a lot of men. I don’t know if it’s the influence of Disney princes or of angst-ridden vampires, but women seem to want men to do more than they can and be more than they are.

    And, it makes us feel like we’re always on the verge of failing and letting you down. We feel like we could never be enough. That’s why a lot of guys never even try.

    I know that’s not true of all women, and that the same could probably be said of men, but it’s a concern almost all my guy friends have expressed at some point.

    Thus, I conclude…

    That we women are really hard to understand. Sometimes, we don’t understand ourselves either, but you got to admit… it makes life interesting.

    So, girls, anything you got to say about this?

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