I have just decided that I do not like this movie. And I haven’t even watched the whole thing yet.
    The reason I don’t like it doesn’t lie on its cinematographic value nor on its acting (good or bad – can’t really tell, coz as I said, I haven’t watched the entire movie yet) nor on its storyline.
    The reason I don’t like it is that I was able to catch scenes of the movie while on my daily bus ride from Ayala to Boni. And the scene with the bad guy (I assume he’s a bad guy, because one of the good girls flipped a finger at him and he died in the end – albeit in a very heroic manner) and his two boys staring at the closing “ship/Noah’s-ark-wannabe” – that scene – made me cry.
    2012 made me look completely stupid, blubbering over that scene. That’s why I don’t like this movie.
    At least, it gave me a moral lesson – It made me realize that people we don’t like… someone likes them. Someone loves them. They’re worth something. They’re worth giving a second chance to. In the end of the world, they’re probably still worth saving. Or not.
    Ugh. I don’t like this movie.

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Ugh, I hate to break this to you, but the movie was entitled… 2012. Haha.

But yeah that was a powerful scene…


Oh yeah!!!!!! wahahaha… Sorry. It's 2010 kasi eh!

Wahahahahaha… ang kulet…

See! I told you! Now the movie has made me look stupid twice now.

One more reason to hate it.

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