I’m going to Egypt.

    I’M going to EGYPT!


    So why is Aladdin and Jasmine’s magic carpet ride the header image of this post? They’re obviously not from Egypt. (I’m bad at geography, but I’m not that bad.) Well, it’s because… well, uhm… a whole new world!

    If you’ve spent any significant amount of time with me and had a serious conversation about what I’m passionate about, it’s inevitable for me to talk about Egypt. I could tell you that I’m fascinated by the history, which to some degree, I am, but I’m no enthusiast over their past. I have to be honest and say that I don’t know much about who Cleopatra really was or what their rich history is. I know what the Bible says about Moses and the Egyptians. I know what I watched in The Mummy films, which probably has more to do with Hollywood than Egypt itself.

    As wonderful and rich as Egyptian history and culture is, I have to admit that my heart is more invested in its future than its past.

    This country has been the subject of many of my heavenward conversations. There have been so many times when I would enter the prayer room and shed tears for Egypt and its people. Even now, as I write this, my heart is full and my eyes are moist.

    I love Egypt.

    I want to get to know this country, and to be given this opportunity to finally step within its borders, I’m overwhelmed. And grateful. Grateful to all of those who made this trip a possibility. I can’t thank you enough for sowing into the calling and destiny God has ordained for my life.

    “You will pass through a dark curtain, and once you’re through, everything is uncertain. It’s kind of like when the Pevensies went through the wardrobe in Narnia. It was dark and unfamiliar, but when they got through, there was a whole new world waiting for them. The same will be with you, once you’re able to pass through the shadows, a whole new world awaits.”

    That was what the senior pastor at our mother church told me when I asked for prayer regarding this trip. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but in the weeks that led to this day, my heart has sometimes been full of anticipation; at times, it was full of dread.

    What if I don’t end up loving Egypt? What if I’m expecting some great, wonderful experience, and end up facing trials and testings instead? What if?

    I can’t know for sure what awaits me, but I know that whatever happens, I do not walk alone. Not just because by some twist of fate, my mother was able to go on this trip with me, but because I have an Abba Father, a Precious Savior and a Kind Comforter Who will be with me every step of the way.

    “May we never lose our wonder
    Wide-eyed and mystified
    Let me be just like a child
    Staring at the beauty of my King”

    This post wasn’t meant to be coherent. Maybe I can call it sensible ramblings. It’s just me sharing my heart with you – just one voyager in a great, big world, sharing her call, her hope and her dream. I hope by reading this, you’ll see that He cares about your dreams and that if He placed a call in your life as an answer to your prayer to make His desires, your desires, then He will be faithful to make it come to pass.

    Maybe this is the opportune time. Whatever He has called you to do, take a step to go do it. May He give you the courage to step forward, because fear is not of Him, and the voyage is worth it.

    You and I were made for adventure. May we go to places where our feet may fail, but His love never will.

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Aggie Lim

Wait for me Joanna!!!! I’m coming with you 🙂 …I’ve, for a very long time wanted to go to Egypt. So many childhood stories and fairy tales have kept me intrigued as a child and then in my teens and now, for me its the history. I never did study history at school or university but I history documentaries have always caught my attention and inspired me to travel. I want to know the people, the culture and times in which they lived in.

Wishing you and your mum a safe and wonderful time in Egypt

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