Hi! Welcome to my cozy little nook in the giant world wide web!

I’m Joanna Alonzo, which you may already know, since my name is splashed all over this site, but you may be wondering, Who is Joanna Alonzo really? Why would anyone want to read what she writes? Maybe these musings are what led you to this page, especially since the author bio copy-pasted to every single one of my online profiles don’t give away many details either, but hey… let me elucidate.

I’m a walking paradox.

I believe every Christian is. We are dead, and yet we live. We are poor in spirit, yet rich beyond measure in Him. We are wandering homebodies, always home in His presence, but sojourners in this world. Scripture has every indication of followers of Christ living paradoxical lives, and I find that is my life. I became a paradox the moment I chose to surrender my life to Christ.

I am a Christian, and that defines my creeds and my bones, and it is my prayer that every word I write be empowered by His breath and whisper.

Are you a walking paradox too?

I am beautiful. I am messy.

Oh, how I wish I believed the former as much as I believe in the latter, but if you poke around enough on this site, you will find that I often struggle with finding the beauty in my mess. I placed this on my bio, because every time I see it, I need to remember that He has made me beautiful – yes, even in spite of the messes I find myself in.

I am beautiful, because He is beautiful, and I am a creature made in His image.

I am a mixture of thought and emotion.

I think a lot, and I feel deeply. It’s hard for me to forget moments of powerful emotion, because the emotions remain with me like open wounds that refuse to turn into scars until I have somehow expressed them. The way I do that is through my words, through characters, through stories of people who carry around pieces of me. My characters are fragments of my thoughts, memories and emotions. They hold glimpses of my experiences, but none of them are me.

I hope that in their stories, you find not me, but His glory – glory that He has graciously chosen to fill cracked vessels of clay like me.

I am a kingdom kid.

I am in this world, but not of this world. His kingdom is alive in me, and I want to bring it wherever I go. His ambassador, and I hope that shows even as I do my part in reaching those who have yet to know Him. No one is more surprised than me, but it seems every place I visit inevitably holds a piece of my heart, and the people I’ve encountered are often subjects of my tears and heavenward conversations. May they know Him and make Him known.

I love a good conversation.

It’s one of the things I look forward to when I finally see Him face-to-face. I’m sure we will have the most wonderful conversation ever! Oh the stories a Master Artist like our God can tell! Can you imagine?!

But for now, we have prayer and Scripture, and those contain wondrous stories in and of themselves. And of course, there’s you and me. We can always have a good conversation, so if you’re ever looking for a chat, feel free to connect with me via my Contact Page. I’ll get back to you as soon as I am able.

I also have a testimony.

I hope this page has given you even a small glimpse of who I am as a person. If you still want to know more, feel free to view my testimony.


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