You know how God sometimes speaks to you in a really weird way? Well, He does that to me a lot. One of the ways He does it is through music, and it’s not always through Christian music either. This leads me to believe that God is indeed a lover of more kinds of music than we believe, but that is a whole new other post to tackle.

    Back on track…

    I was at this point in my life where I thought I was in love with this guy, and I was asking God if he really was “the one” for me (he wasn’t). 

    The song that kept running through my mind during that time was one from Pocahontas. Just Around the River Bend. The song was sung by Pocahontas at a time when she was feeling the pressure to get married to a warrior in her tribe. She didn’t want to. She wanted a life of adventure. She knew that there was so much more in life to explore, and she didn’t want to get tied down to a man and deal with all the responsibilities of being a wife.

    It spoke about the nature of rivers – some quiet, straight and steady, others loud, winding and rapid.

    At the very end of the song, Pocahontas poses a question: “Should I marry Kocoum? Is all my dreaming at an end? Or do You still wait for me, Dream-Giver? Just around the river bend…”

    I felt like I was at the same crossroad as her. That last question really struck a nerve with me.

    Do You still wait for me, Dream-Giver?

    There’ve been a lot of prophecies spoken about this season, about how God will restore the dreams we’ve forgotten from before, and how He wants to fulfill them.

    How He wants to give us the desires of our heart.


    I’m almost afraid to hold on to these promises – even if He’s spoken it over me time and again. That the dreams and desires of my heart come from Him. That He will be Strength in my weakness. That He will carry me through my wilderness and take me to my Promised Land.

    I think most Christians can relate to me when I say that there have been promises I held on to, but didn’t see the fruition of.

    A proverb says, Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. 

    The years before 2015 have been seasons of hope deferred. Disappointment. Failure.

    This year felt like a clean break. A year of promise and adventure. It will end soon.

    I can’t help but wonder… Can I really dream? Am I allowed to? Should I? Can I really hope again? Won’t I be disappointed? Can I take that risk?

    Do I have a choice?

    I smile now.

    I didn’t really have a choice between the steady river and the wild one. I’m currently swept away by the currents of life’s wild rivers.

    This is my surrender.

    Yes, Lord.

    I stand with arms high and heart abandoned.
    In awe of the One Who gave it all. 

    I believe that You are waiting for me, Dream-Giver.

    Just around the river bend.

    *Disclaimer: Photos shown on this page are from the film, Pocahontas. The author does not own any of these images.

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So many feels! Dream on, Sweet Love <3 If anyone deserves to reach their dreams, I would say you do! As I said, in a previous post, to give up on your dreams is the greatest disservice you could ever do to yourself! And God (whether Christian, or otherwise) would NEVER want or expect that of you! Well, unless your dreams were of murder and rape and other heinous things, but that's another story! You're not dreaming of murder and mayhem, are you, 'Vane 😉

Rebekah Loper
You have no idea how much this speaks to me. The past three years have been hope-deferred for me. There have been family issues, and family illness, a lot of animal illness/injuries, and I’ve lost a lot of animals in the past three years (my childhood cat, and two chickens – two were extended battles, which might be harder, and one literally overnight). And that’s not even counting the random things that literally pop-up. Like ridiculously expensive car repairs x 3, dumb neighbors reporting things to the city without even talking to us first, and the complications of caring for aging grandparents who won’t admit they’re having problems. I think if I’d been dealing with random things popping up that ENDED, I’d be fine. But it’s the continuous battles that are so exhausting, and for some of them there’s no end in sight. I find a lot of God in ‘secular’ things too – which begs the question about whether anything can really be secular, since Jesus did say that if necessary, even the rocks would cry out in praise. Probably the non-Christian thing that has spoken to me the most this year is the newest Cinderella movie. Which is ironic, because Cinderella isn’t really my favorite fairy tale at all, and I have never been impressed with the Disney cartoon version of it. (And I’m going to actually talk about it in-depth on my blog in a few weeks.) But there’s one scene in particular, right before her Fairy Godmother makes her appearance, where Cinderella is broken and hurt and so very tired, and she just cries, “I don’t believe anymore!” And I nearly broke down in the movie theater the first time I saw it. Because I’ve been there so many times the past few years. Of course,… Read more »
Coupon Diva (@RealCouponDiva)

one never knows how God is going to speak to us 😀

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