Bat Barakah.

    A daughter of blessing.
    My dad is a pastor and has been one of the greatest influences in my life, right alongside my mom. The following are the blessings that he bestowed upon me, his daughter, during my Bat Barakah ceremony when I turned 18 almost 5 years ago. J




    Joanna Ruth, you are my firstborn daughter. Our miracle child. The thief tried to stop you, even before you were conceived. He tried to destroy you in your mother’s womb and even at birth. You have survived, triumphed. You are an overcomer.
    Joanna means “the LORD is gracious” and Ruth signifies friendship. The LORD has indeed been a gracious Friend to you and He will always be. Remember, nothing shall ever change that.
    You are like a deer, surefooted in your ways and decision. Even if you walk the high and narrow trail, you shall not slip because the LORD will guide your way. Your ears shall hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and in the crossroads of life, you will know where to go.
    I see you as rain falling on dry ground. You are one that refreshes. Wherever you go, you will bring life. Your laughter and humor will bring strength and healing to many.
    I, your earthly father, bless you to be the head and not the tail; to be the lender and not the borrower; to be the employer and not only an employee.
    You are the special one. The LORD told me that the hurts and wounds of your childhood years have been erased and wiped out. Beginning today, HE is creating a new highway for you to travel on. It is a highway of joy, righteousness and peace.
    You shall break forth into seasons of praise. I see beautiful notes, music sheets, and even musical scores coming out of your heart and lips.
    These words were born in prayer and as you follow hard after your Best Friend, JESUS, they shall indeed all come to pass.

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