To start this bundle of sporadic rants disguised as a blog post, I would like to quote a line from the song “Princes and Frogs” by Superchick:

    “Some boys will become men. Just don’t kiss us ’til then.”

    “Naiinis ako na nasasaktan niya ako nang hindi man lang niya alam.”
    How many times have I heard that tearful line from several of my girl friends? How many times have I uttered that same line? (Once actually. Okay… maybe twice. So not the point.)
    The reason I mention it is that it paints the guy as totally clueless and dense and it paints the girl in a rather pathetic light. The feeling that comes with those words is excruciating – makes you want to rip out the part of your heart that feels (don’t go all biological on me and start talking about the hypothalamus).
    And the thought that the guy is totally oblivious of it and is living in some sort of la-la land makes it even more painful, and, in some cases, rather humiliating.
    Getting a text message from a friend of mine that said those exact words made me want to rattle the guy’s head at an attempt to shake some sense out of it. But really… what is there for a girl to do in this case? Wait? Freak out? Cry? Attack the dude? Find a band-aid for their oh-so-wounded heart?
    Dratted hypothalamus. X_X


    Do you remember what being in high school was like? Do you remember all the boy-craziness that came with being a high school teenager?
    I remember. But dang… I’m desperately trying hard to forget!


    I’ve often wondered if boys actually have a concrete idea what effect they have on girls. That thought would normally be followed by “Siguro naman alam nila… They just don’t care.”
    Unless it’s a girl they care about.


    Wala naman talagang kwenta ‘tong blog na ‘to. Gusto ko lang mag-vent. Kasi naman eh… napapaligiran ako ng mga heart-broken. O.O
    I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again. I don’t get men. Even more than that, I don’t get boys. Most of all, I don’t get men who act like boys… especially when it comes to things that matter.


    While writing this blog, my playlist moved to another Superchick song – Wonder If She’ll Get It. Super aliw ng chorus ng song na ‘to…
    This time I know it’s true love! He is the one that I’ve been waiting for. I promise to love him forevermore. I have waited my whole life for the day I am his. I just know he’s the… Wonder what his name is.
    Girls. *rolls eyes*. Oi.


    Boys and girls. And all the issues that come in between before they get to the part that says Man and Woman, Husband and Wife.
    “Oh, Lord… spare me all the unnecessary drama.”
    Rant over. Usap na lang ulit kami ni God.
    …still waiting.

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Three words…





wahaha… dude, that is not advice that most girls would receive with open arms.


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