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A beauty who cuts herself to cope.
A beast who steels himself to survive.
A beauty and a beast who need healing from their scars.

Life yanks Calysta Daniels out of her comfort zone when an odd request from a stranger becomes the only option to keep her father out of jail. The request? She has to live four years under the roof of a beast.

Brendan Keefe is perfection-turned-beast. The last thing he wants is to grovel at the feet of this imperfect young woman, who happens to be the only way out of the curse he got himself into.

Will Calysta’s history and brokenness help reach out to a beast who considers himself beyond redemption? Or will Brendan’s stubbornness deprive him of the love he so desperately longs for?

Both beautiful, both broken, this beauty and this beast embark on a journey to discover a love greater than themselves, a love powerful enough to heal all scars and give beauty for ashes. If only they would believe.

Calysta and the Beast is currently available in for only $3.99.

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