I recently conducted an informal vote for my current WIP, The Wondrous Wanderer, on my Facebook Page and various FB readers groups. This is actually not standard practice and isn’t advised by most book marketing experts, but well… It was a fun experience for me. AND I actually got a few sales of my current published works from just putting the covers out there.

    Anyway, so the votes are in, and I’ve chosen my cover!

    The Choices Were...

    #1 - 51 VOTES
    #2 - 99 VOTES
    #3 - 125 VOTES
    #4 - 27 VOTES

    For a while, #2 was winning steadily. However, it got DISQUALIFIED, and I made a note on my page that it was removed as a possible cover.

    Why? Well, because of this…

    And this…

    Other authors have already used the image I used for their book covers. I discovered the first one through an image web crawler, while the other one was pointed out to me by a reader who’d seen the image before.

    I couldn’t bring myself to use the image that’s already in other covers, so #2 was disqualified.

    After #2 was removed from the running, more votes came for #1 and #3, but #3 won by a landslide and so…

    The Winning Cover Is...

    Super excited to get this book out! <3 If you want to stay updated on its release, like my Facebook page or better yet, sign up to my mailing list.

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