I never thought I’d love you this much.

    The Warrior is a Child.
    Rural village: They smiled and laughed. Kings and queens. Little warriors.

    The faces of your people will forever be etched in my mind. Their smiles, the dreams veiled by their narrow eyes, the laughter, the rapid talk, the longing for connection, hidden behind the intricate nuances of culture and heritage.

    Happy Graduation!
    Graduation party for five dear friends. I miss them!

    I am fascinated, and at times, heart-broken by you. I have seen your wealthy, and I have seen your orphans. I have seen their beauty, and I have seen their brokenness. They make my heart leap. They make my heart ache.

    Little girl n yellow must be thinking, “Can we not eat our lollipops in peace?”

    I used to see you from a distance, and all I heard about you were news of fake food and escalator accidents. Territorial wars and stock leaps and crashes. Now, I am where you are, and I see you.

    <3 Sweet Tooth <3
    Laughter and chats while baking brownies

    I’m beginning to notice your little quirks and idiosyncrasies. I’m beginning to see past the facade. Yet what I see is still the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to you. You are complicated, and I find myself fascinated by you.

    The Naxi
    Beautiful painting at a local museum

    Fascinated by your colorful history and culture. By your reputation. By your grandiosity. But mostly, by your people.

    Summer Camp
    Who knew it was so hard to knock down paper cups with rubber bands?

    I love your people.

    Growing up, I never thought I would. I think it was all because of how Chinese people are portrayed in media back home. Elite. Noses upturned. Wealthy. I developed a wariness towards the Chinese, but I came here and I discovered that your people are… people. Warm, friendly, hospitable… with hopes, dreams and such great aspirations.

    We drew our self-portraits. With our eyes closed.

    Their smiles, their stories, their friendship will always be a part of who I am. They have left an indelible mark on me, one I would have for the rest of my life.

    Bracelet-Making at an orphanage. She was so happy to see the loom band coming together.

    Take care of your people, China. They are your treasure. They beam with pride and puff their chests at the notion that they are yours.

    This orphan pretended to be asleep when he saw me pointing the camera at him.

    I dream for you, China. I dream for your people. Thank you for some of the best memories I’ve ever had and many beautiful more yet to come.

    I love you.

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*sigh* it sounds brilliant! Wish I was there!

Joanna Alonzo

Ha! If you ever decide to visit, let me know! 🙂

If I ever win the lottery or a free trip or suddenly get a major high paying job, you will be the first person I visit! Then Lou and Jessie and maybe Carl and Metro and a whole bunch of others from the forum and Twitter! I discovered on Twitter that there’s this yearly convention called The Simmers Meetup and basically a whole bunch of us from all over the world come together to talk about Sims and have eats and chat and giveaways and goodie bags and a just plain awesome time! I’m trying to convince the organisers to… Read more »
Joanna Alonzo

Wow. Sounds interesting. Ah well… We’ll see what happens. Hope I still here when you visit. Beginning to have my eye on other places. 😉


Beautifully written.

I especially love the fact that there is a larger message here….A message, and a reminder that we must always look beyond the stereotypes that inundate our society and toward the actual reality. We are all people; we all have our goods and bads, our warmth and coldness, our happiness and our suffering. We’re all many different people, but we all share in the human condition.


Joanna Alonzo

Wow. That is so true. When we put whatever prejudice or assumptions we have a side toward other people, it is easier to empathize. Thanks for that comment! It really made me smile. 🙂

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