As of December 5, 2009, GMA declared martial law in Maguindanao. How about that… conspiracy theory is proving to be more than just a theory…


    Why was it necessary to declare martial law in Maguindanao? The Maguindanao Massacre was a crime committed due to political/clan rivalry (or at least that’s what they want us to believe). It is not a revolt against the government. So why is it necessary that the military take control of the regular administration of justice? Here’s what they’re telling us:

      Quoting Press Secretary Cerge M. Remonde: “It was necessary to quell rebellion that was designed to protect the suspects in the horrible Maguindanao massacre. This is necessary to give justice to the victims of the massacre.”
      * Okay. There are a group of people in Maguindanao who have decided to rebel against the government in order to protect the Ampatuans? Huh? Connection please? * How is declaring martial law (designed to override civil law) necessary to give justice to the victims of the massacre?* You’re telling us that it’s necessary, but you’re not really telling us why.
      From article “Malacanang says martial law in Maguindanao is necessary to quell rebellion“:
      PNP General Andy Caro explained that prior to the declaration of martial law, there were private armies in eight municipalities ready to rebel against the government forces.
      Really? Who are they? Where are they now? What have they done to make the government think that they’re about to rebel?
      * And why are they rebelling again? To protect the suspects of the Maguindanao Massacre? How was that connection made again?
      Apparently the Ampatuans have an uber amount of ammunition and military weapons.
      * Wonder how they were able to gather such a vast amount of machinery without the government noticing. So much for national security…
      The AFP and PNP forces were having a hard time securing search warrants because the judges in Cotabato went on mass leave.
      * Wow. That’s allowed? How convenient…
      * We’re getting the entire “the judges and their families are being threatened” story. Can’t the government protect them without declaring martial law?

    Did I mention that the suspects for the Maguindanao Massacre are being charged with rebellion and not multiple counts of murder? Apparently, those arrested under martial law can only be charged with rebellion.
    My bias against current government is keeping me from looking at things objectively, but I can’t help but feel like they’re just putting on a big show to get what they want. What scares me the most is the idea of what it is exactly that they want.
    Reality can sometimes be so much more intriguing than fiction (especially when you allow your paranoia to run with it).


    What goes around comes around.
    I watch with bated breath how GMA is gonna wash her hands of this. It’s all the more intriguing how “close” the Ampatuans and GMA used to be during the 2004 and 2007 elections…
    Quoting Gregoria de Jesus: “Fear history, for it respects no secrets.”
    I wonder if GMA trembles whenever she looks back at the history she helped paint.


    This whole thing is bringing out the cynic in me. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Philippines. I just wish we had a better government.
    I can sum up what I’m feeling over this issue in one word: Grr.


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Martial Law. Maguindanao today, the Philippines tomorrow.


Anung topic dito? nakaka nose bleed talaga 😀


@glentot: let's watch them try. That would be chaotic, and i'm afraid it would be violent.

@Jepoy: Madali lang summary niyan… “Ayaw ni Joanna kay GMA kasi feeling niya may pananagutan din si GMA sa Maguindanao Massacre.”


ang hirap minsan magtiwala sa kahit kanino.. nakakalungkot talaga ang nangyari sa maguindanao..


@parang_ehwan: nakakalungkot talaga. 🙁

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