‘Coz it’s 17, 18, 19… routine.
    And here at 23, it’s the same old me.
    – “Maintain Consciousness” by Relient K


    Oha… pde ko na kantahin yung line na yun with conviction kasi 23 na ako! Ugh. I’m 23. That sounds so much older than 22.
    I’m not a kid anymore. Come to think of it, I haven’t been a kid for 5 years now.
    Magkasama kami ng dad ko and he kind of gave me a splash of cold water (figuratively speaking) when he responded to my statement “Hindi na ako bata” by saying “Anak, matagal ka nang hindi bata.”
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Sheesh.


    Tagal ko na din ‘di nakapag-blog. Felt like there was nothing to blog about. For the first time in a long time, parang walang sense na isulat ko ung nasa isip ko, kasi feeling ko walang sense ung nasa isip ko. Kapeesh?!


    No real updates with me actually. Uwi ako sa La Trinidad later… Yei! Yei!


    Thanks pala for everyone who greeted me happy birthday via text message and Facebook. Tinatamad ako mag-text kaya hindi ako nakapag-reply. At matagal na akong ‘di nakakapag-login sa Facebook. But thanks for remembering!


    Sabi naman kasi eh… walang sense nasa utak ko ngayon. Kaya ‘lang kwenta ‘tong blog na ‘to. Nag blog lang para makapag-blog. Sporadic rants. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Au revoir!

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