Bakit ko nga ba ‘di naisipan na i-blog ito? Naunahan pa ako ni Glenn…

    Yup. We’re having our first ever concert on December 12, 2009 Saturday, 3pm (pero dapat 2pm nandun na lahat ^_^). If you’re available, you are very much welcome to join us!

    Venue: Christ, the Living Stone Fellowship – 453 Calbayog Street, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City.


    Personally, being part of this event has been very close to my heart. I’m thankful that I was given the privilege to be part of it.

    In a lot of ways, the experience has been very much like a roller coaster ride. Being around my kuyas and ates in the YC Core has been fun, humbling, inspiring, devastating, encouraging, confusing… I think you get the picture: emotional!
    But wow… Iba talaga when you’re around people who are so in love with God and are passionate for the advancement of His Kingdom. Being part of Life Ko ‘To made me realize how awesome it is to be surrounded by people who can stand as my role models even as I witness their unique strengths and weaknesses.
    So kudos to my kuyas and ates in YC Team! Y’all have no idea how much your lives have been an inspiration to me.


    As a team, I really believe that all the participants of this concert are working towards one thing: that through this event, God will be glorified. That through this event, people will experience the beginning of a life lived with Christ at the driver’s seat. That through this event, God can work His way into our personal lives.

    Each of us sa YC team have our own unique experiences ng pagkakakilala kay God. And we just want to share that through this event. We just want to share the lives that we found, and hopefully, hear about yours.

    The poem included in this blog was the script written by Kuya Mon for our finale video. (Maraming videos ‘tong Concert na ‘to. Written, acted out, shot and directed by the CLSF youth.) I believe the poem describes so much of what is in the hearts, the minds and the spirit of the YC team.

    God bless! We hope to see you on Saturday!
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The power of blogging… Sana may mayaya pa ako ehehe. Si Jepoy pa lang ang nagconfirm…


Sana nga… =D

Si Jade nagconfirm na pupunta. 😉

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