The Ampatuans’ Defense
     “We didn’t do it, because we weren’t there.”

    And one by one, they give their alibis. One is at the Malacañang rubbing elbows with our oh-so-beloved president. One is a faithful husband standing by his wife as she files her certificate of candidacy. I didn’t even really keep track of where the others said they were.

    I mean, come on… seriously?! That’s their defense?!

    Hello… You don’t have to be there to become a mastermind to the crime.

    What a lame excuse…

    Still… the cold reality is that there really is a lack of evidence to prove that they are indeed the perpetuators of the crime unless those who are accusing them come out as valid and reliable witnesses.


    Whether or not the Ampatuans come out as the masterminds of the Maguindanao Massacre (I personally still believe that the government had something to do with it, but that’s just the random musings of my anti-corruption mind), they still have a lot to answer to – like how in heaven’s name they got so rich. How did they win the last elections? And a whole lot of dozens of how’s and why’s and even who’s.

    Odds are we won’t get much answers to those questions until a radical shift of power happens.


    Seriously… I don’t even know what’s happening with this case anymore. It will most likely – and quite sadly – end up as one of those cases gaining dust in our history’s bookshelf of infamy.

    That is UNLESS a radical shift of power happens.


    Just a few more hours and 2010 is about to come in, people. If we really want justice for this crime, we need to choose a leader who won’t stand for even a hint of corruption. Whether or not you share my views, I think you and I will agree on this point: CHANGE MUST HAPPEN. AND IT EVENTUALLY WILL.

    Let’s just pray the change is for the good. Not just another sad tale gaining dust in our history’s bookshelf of infamy.

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Can't say more but I hate them, and the system they manipulate to evade the system that should be prosecuting them. Pangit si Andal!!!!


Those who were killed in the Maguindanao Massacre aren't the first victims of the Ampatuans. The road in which the dead bodies were found is well-known as a burial site.

I wish change could happen. The country really needs it.


@glentot: la ako masabi… honga… pangit nga… nyahaha

@geek: That's a sad and heart-breaking truth. And I agree. The country really needs a change for the good.


Necessity is the mother of invention..........................


true. 🙂

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