“If you ask an artist how he got where he is, he will not describe breaking in but instead will talk of a series of lucky breaks. “A thousand unseen helping hands,” Joseph Campbell calls these breaks. I call them synchronicity. It is my contention that you can count on them.“

    The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron

    What Julia Cameron calls synchronicity, others may call coincidence, or even luck. I call it Divine Intervention. I am one who firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, that even the most painful, most atrocious of events can unfold into a beautiful narrative. 

    In time.

    Because He makes all things beautiful in its time.

    One of the quotes that have brought me through some of my darkest periods of life was that of Elisabeth Elliot. She said:

    God’s story never ends in ashes.

    I think of that, and I remember that my story isn’t over yet. That He isn’t done yet. That my life – and even myself – am just a work of progress.

    I’m also trying to develop an outlook in life where I see other people in the same way. People who are difficult to deal with. People who need an extra, extra dose of grace. Their story isn’t over yet.

    There is yet hope for them.

    There is yet hope for you.

    I don’t know what you’re going through. I don’t know what you’re struggling with. I most likely don’t even know who you are, but I wish for you more than just “a thousand helping hands”. I pray for the Hand that holds the world to hold you. To help you. To guide you. To remind you that beauty can come from ashes.

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    Joanna Alonzo

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    Joanna Alonzo is a walking paradox. She is a beautiful, albeit messy, mixture of thought and emotion, expressed in the form of hopefully readable – and relatable – stories. She is a kingdom kid, who looks forward to being a writer and storyteller even when she reaches heaven. She is passionate about the unreached, about those who have yet to know the Love she found in the arms of the Almighty. She is intrigued by the world and its people, who day by day, continue to convince her that God is the greatest Storyteller of all.
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