Your testimony is not what you were like before you were saved. That’s your history. Your testimony is “This is what God is like to me now. This is what God is like in my relationship with Him. This is why I love Him. This is why I rely upon Him. This is what He does for me. This is Who He is for me in my life.” What comes out of you is what you know and appreciate about the love of God. ~ Graham Cooke

I could tell you about my past, the first few chapters of my life story. I could tell you about each dark, painful moment. I could confess every shameful secret. If you would but ask, I would tell you. He has shone enough of His glorious light upon the darkness of my soul for me to feel free about opening up to you – with slight trembling – who I was back then.

But what’s the point? No matter what my story is, it can be summarized in one sentence:  I was a sinner. In so many ways, I still am. 

But He came for me and captivated me with His grace, mercy and love. And to this day, He continues to captivate my heart, to allure me, to draw me to know Him more. His voice continuously calls on me to “come hither and lay my burdens at His feet”.

He is Strength in my weakness, Joy in my sorrow. He is Mercy. He is Peace. He is Life. He is Light. He is Everything. He is the Love of my life, my consuming Passion.

He Loves me and enables me to love. He came to me when I was unworthy, broken and downtrodden. He chose me and told me that I was enough. His smile can uplift my spirit like no other.

I love talking about Him, talking to Him… and I’m learning to love to wait on Him and listen to that still, small, life-changing voice.

He is everything worth living for and He is definitely worth dying for, because simply put, He is Life.

He’s my testimony, but if you’re looking for details, here are several glimpses of how He has been working in my life:

– I’m a Miracle Baby. Coming soon. –
– I’m a Prodigal Daughter. Coming soon. –
I’m a Writer. –
– I’m a Missionary Kid. Coming soon. –

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