I have done the unthinkable. Oh yes. Indeed I have.
    Ok. It’s not really as “unthinkable” as my inner drama queen is trying to put it, but for a TV addict like me, it’s a big step. The moment I got home from the Manila Proclamation of Jubilee Conference last night, I went straight to PPC’s reception desk and requested that they remove the television set from my room. *Oh, the horror! Gasp!*
    “Pwede naman, ma’am,” the very nice reception guy told me. “Kailan? Gusto niyo patanggal na natin bukas?”
    I smiled. “Maaga pasok ko bukas eh. Tapos late na rin ang dating ko. Di ba pwedeng ngayon na?”
    “Bakit niyo papatanggal, ma’am?”
    I gave him a big grin. “Para po ‘di na ‘ko manood. Hehe…”
    “O sige po.” Then and there, the very nice reception guy called up the maintenance dude and we went up to my room and they took the TV set away.
    The room felt so quiet. I stared at the now empty space where the TV used to be. My first thought was “Wow. Ang daming alikabok.”
    My second thought was “Pwede kong gawin plantsahan yung patungan ng TV. Ayos.”
    Then I went to sleep na, so I could wake up early.


    Normally, I would expect withdrawal symptoms to occur after a while, considering that the first thing I do when I get home is switch the TV on. It’s also the first thing I do in the morning. It’s kind of like my clock. Kapag tapos na ang The Daily Ten sa ETC, ibig sabihin late na ako. But it’s strange… I don’t feel sad at all that I’ll no longer be able to watch my favorite TV shows. I feel like I’ve been set free. Wala na akong distraction. Along with the TV set went all the trash that comes with it – the trash that can pervade one’s mind during moments of vulnerability.
    *Big smile.* *Wide grin.* *Starts singing.*
    Thank God I’m Free!!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!!

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What a harsh decision… You'll miss ETC, I think… haha

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