Written February 16, 2010.
    As we joined the small procession of yellow milling along the streets of Baseco, the first thought that popped into my mind was, “Wow. I’m walking amongst giants.”
    Walking with us were the likes of Eddie Villanueva, Perfecto Yasay and several of the Bangon Pilipinas senatoriables. Their names may or may not be familiar to some Filipinos, but I’ve long established to myself that they are heroes in my book.
    I wish I could say that we were walking amidst thousands upon thousands of yellow-clad Bangon Pilipinas supporters, but to say that there were over two hundred of us would be generous. I always get my statistical estimates wrong in these instances, but, in my eyes, there couldn’t have been over a hundred of us parading across Baseco Village handing out fliers and screaming out various chants declaring change or pagbangon or the various names of the Bangon Pilipinas candidates.
    I’m ashamed to admit that I was sort of shrinking back in humiliation at how few we were – especially during situations where we’re approaching some of the villagers who had their own strong presidential bets. (One grandma in particular freaked me out when she glared daggers at us saying “Erap kami!“. She was looking at us like we were bringing forth some form of evil to her by campaigning for Bro. Eddie and I was pretty sure that she was going to whack us all with her walking cane. I stayed clear of her way thank you very much.)
    At some point, I began to wonder how the candidates that we were supporting felt.
    The courage that it took for them to take on this race will always astound me.
    Bro. Eddie – who’s the one I’m most familiar with – won my heart over when I once heard him tearfully admit his hesitancy to once again run for president. Here is one man who has willingly stepped out of his comfort zone – leaving the safe, loving and well-respected environment that he has grown accustomed to – to attempt to lead this country toward the dawn that it has long failed to witness. One would think that he’d be greeted with welcoming arms, admiration or even the slightest bit of respect, but most are barely vaguely familiar with who he is and some – whom I fear for the most – go as far as ridiculing him.
    As I tried to empathize with the Bangon Pilipinas candidates, and as I watched Kata Inocencio dancing to the groove of Gloc-9’s “Eddie Ako!” jingle, it dawned on me that it was an injustice to the people surrounding me to say that I was walking amongst giants. Of course I wasn’t.
    I was walking amongst Davids.
    I was walking amongst the nameless and the faceless. The underdogs. The ones least expected to make a difference. I was then able to appreciate every person present in that march across that village. There were people of all ages in our small group and I was overwhelmed by their conviction, their passion, but mostly, I was overwhelmed by their faith.
    From a practical perspective, I have no idea how we’re going to win the 2010 elections, but every bit of me is fully convinced that we will win. Because yeah… sure… given the present circumstances, victory seems impossible. The odds stacked against us are, after all, frighteningly gigantic.
    But just in case you forgot how the story of David and Goliath ended, let me clue you in – David won.
    And 2010 – our country’s Jubilee – is the perfect time for the Davids to win against the Goliaths. Don’t you think so? 😉

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