Last Time in The Book of Karri...

    We saw Dom & Serene’s rise as social media sensations, because of a drunken dare by Dom’s college friend, Anoki Moon.

    Their Raked videos began getting traction, and Dom & Serene were becoming the sweethearts of social media.

    I hinted in the end that Dom was going to change, because of one of their videos launching them towards the proverbial map of show business.

    Here's how the next chapter would've started...

    Dom’s POV

    The song was entitled Lux.

    The video was Anoki’s idea, which meant it was completely bonkers. I won’t even go into the amount of work that it took to set up all those candles and get the grand piano up the dorm’s roof. But the final product was nothing short of amazing.

    D: Light itself turned dark that night
    There were no mornings for a while
    The twilight replaced my hopeful dawn
    And he was just gone

    S: The light flickered out of her eyes
    The battle raged night after night
    She fought hard, but she was done
    And she was just gone

    D: All that was left were ashes
    And the dying embers of a damn cold night
    S: I thought I’d been forgotten
    Then I basked in your light

    D & S:
    More than the glow of a thousand candles
    Our flame blazed strong and bright
    Together, we can summon the sunrise
    I believe our love will be light

    Even as it happened, I knew that night would forever be engraved in my memory. Every detail of it became a part of me.

    The way she looked at me, with her face illuminated by firelight.

    The delicate curve of her body in that dress.

    The feel of her fingers brushing against my cheek as we sang our lines.

    That night… that song… that moment… It wasn’t just about making a viral video or a name for ourselves. It wasn’t about some brand. Not to Serene and me. That was our song, our story. It was about Dad leaving and Mom checking out. It was about Serene losing her mother to cancer and her father pouring himself into his career. It was about how we found each other through it all and made each other feel like everything would be alright, that together, we could be light.

    Lux was us.

    To the rest of the world, it was the song that put us on the map. It was the first song we posted that was mellow and heartfelt instead of our usual upbeat, sometimes racy, pop tunes. Within a few hours of it being posted, the video reached over a million views, and it just grew from there.

    With the success of this one song, our brand recognition skyrocketed, and so it was inevitable that I would be recognized by those who once knew Romeo Rake, those who once saw my father as something I never even knew he was.

    How would Dom change after this?

    As I said, it wouldn’t have been how you would expect him to. Fame didn’t get into his head or anything like that. The Lux video paved the way for Dom & Serene to meet a certain popstar.

    Savannah Roux.

    Savannah saw the Lux video and loved it so much that she wanted Raked! to be the opening act for her Northern Lights tour. She claimed that she wanted them to be a part of her tour, because she wanted some degree of authenticity. She’s finding it hard to connect with her audience, because she’s never really been in their shoes. Meanwhile, Dom & Serene have.

    That may or may not be true, but the truth is that Savannah has an obsession with Romeo Rake, because her mother, famous singer Adriana Roux, had a thing with him before meeting Karri. (I don’t know if you remember, but a Romeo-Adriana scandal was mentioned once by Karri’s TV and once when Karri first met Romeo.) Adriana always told Savannah about how Romeo was “the one who got away”. So yeah… Savannah kind of idealizes Romeo and projects that idealization on Dom.

    So… because of this meeting, Dom finds out about Romeo and Karri’s history in Bridgeport, which he didn’t really know about. He always thought that Romeo was in law enforcement and never knew the side of him that was so famous in Bridgeport.

    Dom is the type who kind of runs from everything he can’t figure out or handle, but this encounter kind of wakes him up, and he suddenly wants to find answers regarding Karri and why Romeo left.

    Between their videos, his music and this newfound obsession with finding out the truth, Dom’s grades start falling. He’s barely getting by. Serene, who loves being in university, convinces Dom that the best thing for them is to drop out of college. This is out of character for her, and Dom tells her that he’s sure it’s not what Serene wants, but she makes a convincing case and Dom eventually gives in. (It’s what he wants to do anyway.)

    Dom is aware that this is a sacrifice on Serene’s part, and vows to himself that he’ll make sure her sacrifice is worth it, so on their first day back in Hidden Springs…

    Ben agreed to this proposal after Dom asked him for Serene’s hand in marriage. Serene said yes. Karri responded with “Absolutely not.”

    I’m guessing this wouldn’t have won her any points on readers’ part. Not that she was ever anybody’s favorite. But yeah… Karri, Karri, Karri…

    Author’s Note: I’ll leave it here for now. I think it’ll be way too long if I try to fit everything in one post, and I couldn’t bear to not show off at least some of the photos. At least this way, I get to tell a certain degree of the story, even if it’s not fully fleshed-out. So yeah. 

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I feel so bad now when I know that the story won’t be continued. It seems as it was getting more and more amazing… Argh!
The roof scene looked magnificent indeed. You are so talented, Joanna, it’s a shame to lose you as a simlit writer.
Can’t wait to see what you have planned next!


The photos on that piano are breathtaking..! I love everything about them! The angles, the lighting… truly beautiful work! <3 And your poses are amazing too!
That Savannah storyline would have been very interesting, it seems so appropriate for some ladies to get obsessed with Romeo!
I wonder if Dominic would eventually get to marry Serene, or if Karri would have destroyed everything…again. Oh, Karri Karri Karri indeed 🤔
I really enjoyed this! I couldn't help but wonder in what way Dom would change…now I know! 😉
And thank you for doing this! <3 I hope it's not hard for you to tell this story (especially now that I see it consists of multiple parts..!) 🙂


Oh. My. Goodness. This is so good. And the photos are exceptional! I love Raked! And the song is so good, too. You are truly so talented. <3 Thank you so much for posting this.


Aww, the shots by the piano were stunning! I was just beginning Dom’s story so I wasn’t sure what kind of person he was going to grow up to be (though he appeared quite responsible for his age as a kid) I’m surprised he went the musician route and also surprised to see he dropped out of school – I figured he would’ve excelled and gone off to do some stable job of some sort. Nice to see that he found a love of his own <3 thanks for sharing~

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