The day was giving way to dusk and the heavens were rife with anticipation. They’ve been waiting for this night for what felt like forever: that fateful moment when earth was about to be touched by eternity.

    Amidst the excited, organized flurry of angels and other living creatures, there in the dimming of the dusk, shone one lone figure – soon to be made visible by darkness. A star stood steady on its station, intent on accomplishing what she was made for: to shine as bright as she could muster so that all might see the glory of her Creator.

    The little star was used to being a light, but this day was different. This evening was special.

    “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given,” she whispered the song she knew since childhood – one that had been sung to her as a sweet lullaby for as long as she could remember.

    She watched from her perch in the clouds as the company of wise men drew near. She puffed out her chest and broke out her best smile. And oh, how she shone! Brighter and brighter.

    She was made for such a time as this and how her heart fluttered! Her mission was to point to her King – a little baby in a manger. And so the wise men came – she’d been showing them the way for days, and the more they neared the newborn King, the star’s light grew even brighter.

    Then she saw it happen… the wise men disappeared beneath a thatched roof in Bethlehem. They’ve found the one they were looking for – the little baby from heaven. And though her heart burst with delight that her mission had been accomplished, the star let out a bittersweet sigh, for her time to shine was done.

    And so her bright light faded away little by little, before the shining star fell across the skies. The last thing she heard before she hit the ground was the echo of the angels’ song: Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests. 

    And so it was with the little star as transcending peace began to overtake her. She’d done as she ought to: she shined her light until it was time for her to die. The star flickered its last before all her shine faded away, allowing the true star of Christmas to shine and show us all the way.

    Daniel 12


    happy christmas

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That was lovely! Sad to think of the little star dying at the end, when I was a kid I always chose to believe it just turned into one of our regular stars in the sky, to shine forever, as a reward for a job well done! But your interpretation is way more poignant! And yes, in case you were wondering, I was a Christian until my 13th year, and I still sing carols (favourite is Silent Night!) All year round (except on Christmas day for some reason lol)

Truly loved this piece! YOU are a star amongst the grey!

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