The Woman in the Wilderness is a journey, yours and mine. It’s 40 days of seeking the heart of God. It’s 40 days of coming away, of allowing Him to allure you, to lead you into the wilderness and to speak gently to you.

    This devotional is about your wilderness seasons, where you’ve felt Him beckon and draw you to seek out the God Who has always been with you, and yet is Someone you have to search out. Like a precious pearl buried in a field.

    Each day of this journey begins with the story of a woman, who is going through a fantastical wilderness in search of her beloved. She faces obstacles and meets a variety of characters. She deals with both defeat and triumph. Accompanying her part of the journey is a section called Manna, which reflects on the word of God and how her journey parallels a Christian’s life.

    Every Christian in serious and ardent pursuit of Love Divine has, at some point, been The Woman in the Wilderness. If any of these resonate with you, maybe you are her too.

    The Woman in the Wilderness is available on for only $2.99.

    What People are Saying About this Book

    • Wow finally a devotional putting to words the cry of every woman's heart for her Heavenly Father, her maker. I was fascinated from the first page as this is a unique powerful approach calling women to seek Gods face, to take a step of faith towards God to answer the longing of our deepest part. Loved the chapter format, each chapter begins by putting the reader in the shoes of this allegorical woman who yearns for God. The reader gets to see through her eyes what this journey might look like. Then in a section called "Manna" the author shares some key verses that are highlighted in that day's story followed from some commentary by the author on how this applies to our lives. With the story followed by the authors reflection, I felt as if the author and I were friends sitting down reading the book together and we would occasionally pause for discussion and reflection. Very powerful format. And each chapter is just the right size for a daily reading. Even though once you start reading, it will be hard to only read a chapter a day, you will find yourself wanting to read more. This book is like the pilgrims progress but for the Christian describing our journey in bite sized pieces. All the challenges that life brings are way are encountered by this traveler: doubt, temptation, valleys, wilderness experiences, fiery trials, times of waiting, and loneliness. Yet in each challenge words of truth ring out to encourage and calm. The same truths that we need to tune into when we face these types of life challenges. Additionally, we battle with the same weapons this woman used: the Word of God, prayer, worship, praise and thanksgiving. This book would be a good gift to give other Christian woman in your life to challenge and encourage them. As I was both encouraged in my faith walk, challenged to remember how far God has brought me, while keeping moving forward in faith through the times of my wilderness journey, keeping my eyes on Him that I seek. Get your copy today and prepare to journey with this unnamed woman in the wilderness who seeks the lover of her soul. You will not regret it.

      D. Chatley
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