Imagine what it would feel like while you are preparing to take your first bungee jump ever. And it’s not just your ordinary bungee jump. You’re jumping off of the SkyJump at the Macau Tower – the highest commercial bungee jump in the world (or so the Guinness Book of Records and Wikipedia say).

    Your heart is thumping far quicker than its normal rate. You are wiping the sweat off your brow even as you secure the harness. You are debating within yourself if you’re being a complete idiot propelling yourself into a freefall 760 feet from the ground – your only saving grace being an elastic cord which will have you swinging about like a rag doll after the bungee’s inevitable post-freefall rebound.

    Excitement, doubt, and anxiety are only some of the emotions coursing through your veins as you step over the edge of the platform from where you are about to do the jump. You are aware that the moment you leave that platform, the results would either be magnificently awesome or excruciatingly tragic.

    Standing on that edge, deciding whether or not to take that freefall… that’s little compared to what entering 2010 feels like.

    (ugh… what an awful segue…)



    It’s been ringing in my ear (and several other people’s ears) for the past year. The year 2010 is a turning point – a crossroad rather – for the Philippines (perhaps even the world). It is – I believe – the point where we choose our path as a nation and our choice will inevitably determine a great bulk of our future and whether or not we are taking the road to miraculous greatness or to destructive infamy.


    Ewan… basta… yun. Malapit nang matapos ang 2009. Last day na nga o… December 31. Ang dami kong dapat ipagpasalamat kay God about this year and honestly, I really am excited about what He’s about to do this coming new year. At the same time, may apprehension din. Not because I don’t believe God will work wonders. More because I’m afraid I’m not doing my part or will not be able to do my part.

    Hay… heto nanaman ako…


    Matagal nang nasa playlist ko ‘yung songs ni Jason Upton. Pero it was only a few weeks ago na inintindi ko ‘yung lyrics ng songs niya. Hindi ko kasi masyado napapansin before kasi his music isn’t your typical mainstream Christian songs. Several of his songs really hit me – like Dying Star, In the Silence, Samuel, The Cost of Intimacy and Jacob’s Dream. The following are the lyrics to Jacob’s Dream (which I’m listening to right now and is totally giving me goosebumps):

    Jacob really longed to be a hero
    All I really wanted was a friend
    I’m the Way, the Life, the Truth
    So tell Me Jacob when will the lying end?
    does the striving make you strong?
    Because when I came to love on you
    You fought me till the dawn
    Finally Jacob’s lying down
    And while he sleeps I will dream

    Of a generation not known for their crowns or success,
    but a King…
    Who was not so much as interested in crowds or pleasing men,
    but knowing Me

    I have given Jacob’s generation the key of David –
    intimacyTo open up the doorway to the nations, and release
    Revelation of intimacy with Me
    Jacob had a dream for all the ages
    Jacob had a drive to build a nation
    But the fighting is in vain
    If your only aim is to build your own great name

    Because My dream’s not what you do
    Jacob, will you dream for me
    The way that I have dreamed for you

    I have given Jacob’s generation the key of David – intimacyTo open up the doorway to the nations, and release
    Revelation of intimacy with Me

    To become part of that generation… that generation holding the key of David. To be so intimate with God that I know His heart, His thoughts, His will… Thus, I sing with Jason Upton the lyrics to the song The Cost of Intimacy.
    On a lighter note, Happy New Year! May you grab hold of the key of David this coming year – our country’s very own Jubilee… Freeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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