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Complaining is a form of verbal assault composed of words.

When has words alone did something for the country?

The golden era of the Philippines where novels of abstract ideas can spur men into revolution has already come and gone.

This era is the era where people can – and will – blame almost everything into poor governance. But as John F. Kennedy said, “Ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country?”

Contradicting myself, all I did was type in words. What difference will it make?

Joanna Alonzo
That's disheartening, but upsettingly true. When has words alone been able to change a country? Especially now? — The difference it made is most likely in you and for every one who will bother to read what you wrote. Sometimes, we write words not so it will make a difference in others, but so we know that we didn't leave those words unspoken. One day, I will die. The thought itself that the words I wrote could last long after I'm gone already gives me a world of difference. — Food for thought regarding this: Death and life are in… Read more »
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