I know this is crazy (I prefer the word audacious), but for the next 30 days, I’m going to ask a lot of people to give me a dollar. Why on earth would you give me your dollar? After all, you can buy a lot of quality e-books for a dollar. You can buy an ice cream sandwich for a dollar. You can buy a pizza slice for a dollar. You can buy lunch for a dollar?

    Why would you give me your e-book, ice cream sandwich, pizza slice and/or lunch?

    Let me tell you why…

    This year, I am going to Egypt. I’ve known since last year that this was the year I needed to go, but it wasn’t a complete GO! until earlier this year. I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. I was sure I was going to stay in China, where I’d been serving for the past two years, for at least three more years. God had other plans.

    I received my call to missions when I was 21 (I’m 30 now). And Africa was narrowed down to Egypt not long after. This country has been in my heart and prayers for years. This year, I get to go. I get to step into the land and see the giants there. I should be terrified, and I was, but now, I’m not, because I know He has a plan for me there. I’ve been raising funds for the past few months, and He has been faithful to provide, but I still need $1,000.

    I was praying and meditating on it this morning, and this is what I felt I needed to do:  If I can get 1,000 people (strangers and friends alike) to give me $1, then I’ll have what I need.

    This is why I’m asking you to give me a dollar, and why I think you should. It’s giving to the unreached (those who have never yet heard the Gospel). It’s giving towards the destiny God has ordained for my life. I hope and pray that you consider giving me your dollar.

    After the trip, I’ll be sure to post a report here so that you guys can be updated on what happened. Subscribe to my mailing list to make sure you get your update!

    Here are several ways to give:

    Through Paypal:

    *Note: The currency is set by default to PHP (since I’m living in the Philippines right now and $1 = approx. P50), so if you’re sending in USD, kindly change the currency.

    Send through Within Reach Global:

    IMPORTANT: Follow these instructions –

    1. Fill out all fields.
    2. Make sure you choose “One Time” in the Frequency field.
    3. Select “Alonzo” from the Select Within Reach Global Missionary dropdown box.
    4. Type in “Egypt Trip” on the Special Instructions text field.
    5. Click Next -> and follow instructions on how to use any credit/debit card to send your donation. 

    Via ACH (US local bank) Transfer:

    Bank Name First Century Bank
    Routing (ABA) 061120084
    Account Number 4015857098990
    Account Type CHECKING
    Beneficiary Name Joanna Ruth Alonzo

    Via Philippine Local Bank Transfer:

    Banco De Oro:
    Joanna Ruth P Alonzo
    Acct #5180195358

    Joanna Ruth Alonzo
    Acct #1219125565

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