Disclaimer: When I’m passionate about a certain topic, I tend to speak with such candor and intensity that I come off as pushy, opinionated, and, at times, offensive – thus, diminishing my convincing powers. If at any time while you’re reading this post, you feel that I’m coming off as attacking you or pushy or preachy, I apologize. That is not my intent. I do not ask of you to see things the way I see it, although I earnestly hope that you eventually do. I only ask that you open your mind to the message that I am trying to communicate to you, because with all my heart, I believe that this message is crucial for every Filipino to know.
     You may already have your own bet for the 2010 Elections.

    If it’s Bro. Eddie, I send a grateful smile to you because one: that is at least one thing we have in common and two: you are a David throwing a pebble at our country’s proverbial Goliath. That pebble is your one precious vote.

    If it isn’t Bro. Eddie, with all due respect and without any desire to undermine your chosen candidate, I plead with you to reconsider. If you could spare a fraction of your time to read through this article and perhaps allow a little room in your mind and heart to at least seriously consider Bro. Eddie as president, I would highly appreciate it.

    If you are undecided who to vote for, then I hope this article will at least give you a new or different perspective of one of the lesser known candidates at the 2010 Presidential Race.
    I sincerely pray that after reading this article, you see in him a candidate worth voting for.

    Qualifications – Who is Bro. Eddie Villanueva?
     For those of you who know him only as “the religious leader who one day decided to run for president” or for those of you who don’t know him at all, here’s a little background on Bro. Eddie:

    – Married to Adoracion “Dory” Villanueva, father of four children.
    – Graduate of Bachelor of Science major in Economics and minor in Finance at Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP)
    – Taught Economics and Finance at PUP.
    – Member of the Board of Regents of PUP for 9 years, wherein his salary as such was entirely given to PUP scholarship fund.
    – Has 6 Doctoral Degrees, including Education Management, Philosophy in Humanity, and Divinity.
    – Studied law in University of the Philippines but stopped after being imprisoned in the 1970s because of his fight for democracy during Martial Law.
    *We have a video presentation that discusses in detail who Bro. Eddie is and why he is qualified to lead this country. Contact me to request a copy.

    A Sheep to be Devoured by Wolves
     Some are concerned that our corrupt political system – with all the cutthroat “wolves” in it – will only serve to destroy Bro. Eddie.

    “We need to place in there someone whom the politicians and military will fear,” a friend of mine told me.
    Trust me. The politicians already do – well, at least the corrupt ones do.

    If Bro. Eddie wins, we will have a president whom they cannot control, a president who will not tolerate evil. It will not totally eliminate their power, but it will greatly diminish it. Who then will they run to when the chief executive official of the country is against them?

    Both Bro. Eddie and his family have received many death threats from the moment he decided to run for president back in 2004. Death doesn’t faze him or his family.

    He cannot be bought. Quoting Bro. Eddie himself, “This world is too poor to buy my convictions and principles.” Even as a student activist, he has already declined blank checks dangled before him just so he’d turn away from his fight for the rights of laborers. Money can’t shake him.

    So really… what do these “wolves” have on him?

    Now, there’s an issue of the military. The country’s president needs the loyalty of the military, or he at least needs to get them to submit to him. I honestly don’t know what Bro. Eddie will do to achieve this, but this I know: If we, as this nation’s people, stand with Bro. Eddie in prayer and support, then I do not see how the military could refrain from doing the same. Have we not done it before? People Power I.

    Anyway, my point here is that standing for what is right doesn’t make you weak. In fact, that takes greater courage. It takes greater strength especially when you are surrounded by evil.

    If he is the candle brave enough to shed light on the darkness that pervades our political system, should we not help him keep the candle burning? Wouldn’t it be foolish for us to blow his light out?

    Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

    Maybe he’s just putting on an act. Maybe deep inside him, he really is just power-hungry and greedy. He isn’t satisfied by the comfort brought by being the pastor of JIL. He wants more. And what best way to do that than to be president of the country?

    If this is the case, then there are only two things that come to my mind: 1. He is an awesome actor 2. I fear for him, for if that is indeed the content of his heart, he might as well sell his soul to the devil – if he hasn’t already.

    In reality though, after having heard this man speak, I cannot bring myself to believe that this scenario could be possible.
     This is the reason why I urge you to hear him out, to give him a chance. Attend one of his political rallies. If this isn’t possible, you can request some material on him from me and I’d be more than willing to source the material for you for free.

    Listen to him speak. Try to understand where he is coming from, where his heart is at. At least give this man a chance.

    From my point of view, I see in him a man who loves his country, who has a vision of a greater Philippines, and who is willing to live or even give his life for the sake of this nation.

    The Kamikaze Mindset

    “Voting for him is a waste. Have you seen the recent polls? He couldn’t possibly win!”

    Oh, the kamikaze argument… Like saying that voting for Bro. Eddie is a suicide vote. We’re going to lose, but hey… let’s at least lose while fighting! O.O

    My friend looked me in the eye and asked me, “Do you honestly believe that Bro. Eddie will win?”

    Without batting an eyelash, I replied with all the conviction I could muster, “Of course I do. If he doesn’t, I’ll most likely cry my eyes out.”

    Why do I believe that he has a chance? I’m not blind. I can see his measly 2% rating on the polls. Here is my answer:

    1. I know of thousands upon thousands of people who have already declared that they are going to vote for Bro. Eddie. And not one of them took part in those polls.
    2. Call it blind faith, but my heart simply can’t accept that anyone other than Bro. Eddie could win. I am surrounded by people who share the same sentiment. We are the faceless, the nameless, but voting for him is our way of making sure that we do not go unheard.
    3. I have several other reasons that I cannot divulge. I don’t want a lawsuit filed against me, so to this, my lips are sealed. But trust me. Bro. Eddie definitely has a chance to win. (He’ll even have a greater chance if you vote for him! – Sorry. Can’t help it.)

    A Nation of David’s
     He isn’t even allowed to vote, but go to one of Bro. Eddie’s rallies/campaigns in Manila and you’ll probably see him amongst the crowds. Seventeen-year-old Daniel – decked in golden yellow from head to foot, handing out “Eddie Ako” stickers and fliers. I’m pretty certain that if there was such a thing as “Eddie Ako” pants and “Eddie Ako” shoes and socks, he’d be wearing it.

    You can see youthful zealousness blazing in his eyes. He can’t throw a pebble of his own and make a vote, so he has taken it upon himself to try to convince others to throw their pebbles for him. Here is one person without the right to vote, but is determined to make a difference in this year’s elections.

    There are many like Daniel, attempting to make a difference where they are and in whatever way they can. I am blessed to have stood among people like him.

    Is There Not A Cause?
     When I first heard Cindy Jacobs’ prophecy about Bro. Eddie’s presidency, I was moved to tears – first, by the teary – almost sorrowful – reaction on the face of Bro. Eddie’s wife; second, by Jacobs’ resounding question: “Is there not a cause?”

    We are a generation who wasn’t born during our country’s “glory days”. We are a generation who stood witness to the downward slump of our nation after the repercussions of Martial Law. Stories of the Philippines once being the “Paris of Asia” or being the country with an economy second to Japan are now just that – stories. These stories represent our history, but it seems it would take a miracle for these stories to represent our future.

    Is there not a cause? Have we been so used to the corruption, the greed, the hunger for power that has taken over our government, our society that we have ceased to fight for the most fundamental values like truth, justice and integrity? Are we truly helpless?
     No. We aren’t. The choices we make today shape our future.

    I wholeheartedly believe that I am making the right choice by voting for Bro. Eddie. I can introduce you to many people – also voting for Bro. Eddie – and mind you, not only Christian people, but also people of other religions. Ask them why they are voting for Bro. Eddie and I assure you that they can give you an answer with as much conviction as I hope to convey in this article. Can you say the same about your choice?

    Jubilee of Jubilees – A Christian Nation
     When God changes seasons, He changes kings.
     Read the books of I and II Kings, I and II Chronicles in the Bible. You will see that with a righteous King, follows a righteous and blessed Israel. With an unrighteous King, follows… well, let’s just say chaos.
    I hear you. We aren’t a monarchy. We’re a democracy! A president isn’t as powerful as a king!

    That doesn’t change the fact that the president is our leader. If change has to start somewhere, why not with our president? Why not with our leader?

    If you think that there isn’t a soul in the government who will support him, then vote for the rest of the Bangon Pilipinas candidates – Yasay for V.P. and Alonto, Nikabulin, Princesa, Tinsay, Ocampo, Virgines, and Inocencio for senators. That way, Bro. Eddie will have allies! (Sorry again. Can’t help it. Campaigning here!)
    Getting back on track… a change in season. Why do I believe that this year marks a year when God is changing the “season” in our country?

    This year, we are celebrating our country’s Jubilee of Jubilees.

    March 16, 1521. That date ring a bell? It’s the date when the Spaniards “discovered” our country. It is the date that we recognize as the day when Christianity entered the shores of our archipelago.
    Count from 1521-2010, and include the year 1521 to your count – that is 490 years. So what, right? It doesn’t sound like a very significant number.

    Daniel 9:24 speaks of a season – seventy “sevens” to finish transgression, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy. Do the math. Seventy multiplied by seven equals 490. Yay! Connection?

    This verse (Daniel 9:24) was a word given to Bishop Dan Balais. To cut the long story short, it was impressed to him that we are entering the Philippines’ Jubilee of Jubilees.

    Every seven years, the year of Jubilee is celebrated. This is a time when debts are cancelled, the sick is healed, there is an outpouring of blessing. It is also a time for repentance and setting our hearts right before God. It is a time when we declare God’s goodness and mercy. The Jubilee of Jubilees is the seventieth seven.
    I have no idea if all I did was confuse you. Seriously… this sounds so much clearer when Bishop Dan explains it, but I hope you get the gist.

    The year 2010 isn’t just another year to be lived through and forgotten. It is a turning point. A change in season. The choices we make this year can determine the path that we will go to as a nation. Making the right choice can make as see the dawn of a new day in our country. Making the wrong choice can lead us to destruction.

    So make the right choice. How do you make that choice?

    A Challenge.
     There is only less than two months left until it’s already time for the May 10 elections. I end this article with more of a plea than a challenge.

    No. I will not plead for you to vote for Bro. Eddie (I’ve already done that repeatedly). I will not challenge you to vote for him either.

    I am tempted to say something poetic like “be guided by the heart, rather than the mind”, but no… This isn’t my plea.

    My plea, my challenge is this: I urge you to pray. Seek God in making this decision. And vote for whoever it is that God will lead for you to vote. If you earnestly ask God to show you His will, I am certain that He will not withhold it from you. Especially at such a time as this.

    With that, I conclude this article.

    For love of God. For love of country.

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Thanks for remindin' me.

I am for Bro Eddie! I vote for him last time and I will still vote for him this coming election, I will do my part as a responsible Filipino.

GOd Bless Philippines!!


Eddie ako!

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