I’ve never considered myself a world-builder, but while working on my novel, I realized that I couldn’t escape it any longer.

    You see I’m writing a portal fantasy.

    *moment of silence in honor of C.S. Lewis*

    The world my characters were being transported to became ever so larger that my mind was finding it harder and harder to contain and remember all I had to about the world my story existed in.

    So after months of procrastination on my pretty much empty “Setting” tab on OneNote, I finally got to the point where I just had to do it.

    I’m not good at sketching stuff – I wish I were, but I was pretty satisfied with how my first map came out. Thus, here goes the map of the gateway realm of Arboria:

    Arboria (Terrain)
    Isles of Arboria – colors according to terrain

    I was about to go crazy and add little details like mountains and trees and buildings like the ones I saw on the maps of other awesome world-builders out there, but I figured this would do for now. At least I have a clearer picture of what’s north, south, east and west.

    I’ve only gone into the detail of the culture, places, and creatures of Isla Solum, because it’s the only one that is explored in detail in my first book, but I already have quick sketches and ideas on the other islands.

    This story is getting to be so much bigger than I first expected. Gah.

    Anyway, back to writing…

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Ooh, that’s so exciting! It might have been a bit of a pain, but now that it’s done I’m sure it’ll be really useful. Also, it looks great! ^^


Yes! Back to writing! The sooner you write, the sooner I can “proofread” lol I say “proofread” since I’m pretty sure I’ll get so caught up in your amazing story that things like grammar, punctuation and syntax will be totally forgotten about lol

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