We’ve made marketplaces out of our temples.
    These hearts and souls that trade and bargain and harbor merchandise.
    We loan our time and our emotions to earthly pursuits,
    And wonder why… Why can He not dwell in my temple?

    And when He comes,
    Knocking down our tables and shattering our goods,
    We wonder why He’s so furious, so angry, so agitated.
    Swinging that whip like a mad man.

    Is He not love?
    He is.

    At the core of the fury is a Love so jealous,
    Relentless in His pursuit, crushing every other lover.
    That He might be our glory. And we might be His temple.
    A habitation of His presence, a conduit of His majesty.

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    Joanna Alonzo

    Author/Founder at Almond Tree Publications
    Joanna Alonzo is a walking paradox. She is a beautiful, albeit messy, mixture of thought and emotion, expressed in the form of hopefully readable – and relatable – stories. She is a kingdom kid, who looks forward to being a writer and storyteller even when she reaches heaven. She is passionate about the unreached, about those who have yet to know the Love she found in the arms of the Almighty. She is intrigued by the world and its people, who day by day, continue to convince her that God is the greatest Storyteller of all.
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5 Comments on "You Are Not A Marketplace"

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I needed some poetic truth today. You have a beautiful way with words.


this is so beautiful! thank you for sharing!

Lauren C. Moye

I don’t normally like this style of poetry, but it really does fit this poem. It’s a great message with some great imagery.


I love this. I love the part about Jealous Love


This is sooooooooo beautiful, I love it!!!!

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